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Female Protagonist - Elf: "Without Forethought She Sang", by Himring

Title: Without Forethought She Sang
Author: Himring
Characters: Indis of the Vanyar, Finwe's second wife (and his widow)
Rating: PG
Warnings: reference to canonical character deaths
Book/Source: Silmarillion, History of Middle-Earth
Disclaimer: This female elf is Tolkien's, even if a lot of the details are buried in HoME.
A/N: After it's all over, Indis returns to where their courtship began, on the western slope of Taniquetil. Double drabble.

She enters the garden by herself, with faltering steps, like an invalid’s after long sickness. She stands where she once stood, opens her mouth… Her voice sticks in her throat. Less resolute than she believed, how can she sing, now?

She remembers too well how love coloured the world, once—hopeless, but complete in itself, unflawed. Now, first unexpectedly fulfilled and then shattered, it sits heavy in her bones, leaving her heart frail and empty. Dare she sing again, here where it all started?

A has-been, is she not? No longer a queen, no longer a wife, no longer a...

No, she still retains a tenuous grip on motherhood! But dare she sing again as she sang then, in her simplicity, not knowing the consequences? Now that she knows: how love breaks and law breaks, death and darkness and war. And although this garden seems untouched, high on the mountain, nothing is the same.

Time to stop singing? Here alone in the garden where it all began, all that is left to her is her voice. But is this the time to give in? She stands proud like a queen before an audience of thousands and launches again into song.

A/N: The title is a quotation from "Morgoth's Ring", from one of the versions of the story of Finwe and Miriel. It is described there how Indis,  an accomplished singer, who has secretly and hopelessly loved Finwe for a long time, sees him approaching and bursts into song. However, their marriage, being Finwe's second marriage, caused  dissension and ill feeling among the Elves, which was later exploited by Melkor.
This piece also fits assorted B2MeM prompts, so I will be posting it over there as well.

Tags: author: himring, challenge: female protagonist: elf, character: elves, character: other canon character
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