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Female Protagonist – Anything Female (Vala, Maia, Elf, Teapot): A Commission for Nerdanel (Himring)

Title: A Commission for Nerdanel
Author: Himring
Characters: Varda (Vala), Ilmare (Maia), Nerdanel (elf), teapot (female)
Rating:  PG13
Warnings: sheer and total crack; alleged sexual content
Book/Source: Silm, HoME.
Disclaimer: All Tolkien’s—except, of course, for the teapot.

It was so very feminine a teapot, Varda mused.  Those curves! Such an air of suggestiveness… She almost blushed to be following them with her eyes.
‘Admirable, as ever, my dear Nerdanel!’ she exclaimed.  ‘Who else but you could have created a female teapot? Who except you could have come up with the idea?’ She hesitated briefly but curiosity won out over politeness. ‘Why exactly would you want to?’
‘But… You asked me to, Tintalle! Ilmare said…’
The Valie and the elf turned to the handmaiden, who visibly flinched.
‘Ilmare, have you been at the vats of silindrin again?’

A/N: I apologize but I just really needed to meet the female teapot challenge!
Tags: author: himring, challenge: female protagonist: female, character: nerdanel, character: other canon character, character: valar
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