citizen tipu (applegnat) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
citizen tipu

title: the crumbling stair
author: nol/applegnat
word count: 100
characters: miriel, indis, nerdanel, anaire, and earwen.
rating: g
work: the silmarillion
disclaimer: a most humble and non-profitable play on tolkien's work.
notes: for the “queens” challenge

Glory in life is for kings, and a foreign peace in death. Time for them, a tidal wave; time for us, the deeps that cannot be stirred. We and they have been young, but we without the wisdom and the folly of youth. We have sickened and died, wed and wept, cleaved unto and cloven from again and again. Our sons have been kings and heroes and martyrs. For them the trump and the standard, challenge and power, songs of steel and towers of air.

Only for us the crumbling stair; waiting in the long wilderness, and a tarnished crown.
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