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Underground - by Dwimordene

Title: Underground
Author: Dwimordene
Characters/Pairing: Hobbit lass OC
Rating: T
Warnings: It’s the Scouring, so, you know…
Book/Source: LOTR: ROTK
Disclaimer: Not JRRT, not related, broke, not making money from this, please don’t sue.

When Sharkey’s men first came, the Thain sent them packing from Tuckborough.

But respite was brief: when they returned one night, they brought fire and rape, murder and thieving.

Violet stumbled into the darkness, blistered by the heat of the blazing townstead, and she sheltered her young sisters amid the reek of the latrines.

The Ruffians had passed with the night; so had her parents, and her sisters wept over the ashes.

But from the ash, Violet drew their mother’s butchering knife; and she dried her sisters’ tears, saying, “Hush, now, we’ll find friends. Then those Ruffians shall fear us!”
“…And when Lotho sent his Men they got no change out of him. Tooks are lucky, they've got those deep holes in the Green Hills, the Great Smials and all, and the ruffians can't come at 'em; and they won't let the ruffians come on their land. If they do, Tooks hunt 'em. Tooks shot three for prowling and robbing. After that the ruffians turned nastier.” – Farmer Cotton, on the Tookish resistance, “The Scouring of the Shire,” Return of the King. Go, partisan hobbit lasses!
You can always get me with the opportunity to make female characters awesome.
Tags: author: dwimordene, challenge: female protagonist: hobbit, character: hobbits, character: oc
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