Ysilme (ysilme) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Cluedo Challenge: Hallway: Construction

Challenge: Cluedo - Hallway
Title: Construction
Author: Ysilme  
Characters: Elrond
Rating: G
Source: The Silmarillion
Disclaimer: Middle-Earth belongs to Tolkien, I'm just playing a bit with it for fun.
Note: Many thanks to curiouswombat for looking this over.

Elrond stood, gazing about. Not much to see yet, just one or two rows of stones, laid carefully along marked out lines to ensure right angles.

But in his mind, he saw much more: the finished building, the first proper stone house in the valley. No improvised shack, no log cabin, no lean-to against the rock face. No, a big house, their dwelling for the foreseeable future. And here, just where he stood, was going to be a wide hallway, traversing the building and leading to all the wonderful halls they would have. The Last Homely House. His home.
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