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Title: A Will And a Way

Author: Aervir

Word Count: 100

Characters/Pairing: Éowyn

Work: Lord of the Rings

Challenge: Topsy-Turvy (AU)

Disclaimer: It's all Tolkien's. Not mine. Unfortunately.

Note: Does "Um, I'm new around here, but I hope I will actually follow my good intentions and regularly drabble here for a little bit." count as an author's note? :)

“Where will wants not, a way opens,” she said, and twice it proved true. From the darkness and dullness under the mountain she fled into the dawnless day, and even a marble cage, white and green and golden, its pitiful bars wrought of soft-spoken words, could not hold her.

Thus she ran from their false promise of fairness to embrace at last whom she had looked for, was looking for still, his true tenderness the healing she desired. When her lover gathered her into his arms beneath the Morannon, she clasped Death with strong hands, willingly treading the open road.
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