Elwen (elwenlj) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Prompt - Cliff - Author, Elwenlj

Title - Henneth Annun
Rating- Gen
I don't own the characters, settings or events. They all belong to JRR Tolkien.

Henneth Annun, the Window On The West. He loved this place from the moment he and his men set up base here. Faramir grew so used to the rumble of the falls as they tumbled over the cliff above and fell in a glittering curtain across the entrance that when he returned to Minas Tirith, he had difficulty sleeping without it’s sound.

Damrod had quietly questioned his wisdom in sheltering this strange pair within its thick walls but something about these travellers encouraged him to trust and aid.

“The supper is laid, My Lord.”

He turned from the moonlit curtain.

Tags: author: elwenlj, challenge: coastal: cliff, character: faramir
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