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Coastal - Bucket and Spade: Sail on the Horizon, by Himring

Title: Sail on the Horizon
Author: Himring
Characters: Maglor, OCs
Rating: PG
mild angst
Book/Source: Silm, LotR
Disclaimer: Maglor continues to be Tolkien’s, Himling Isle (formerly Himring Hill) as well, and so are the new arrivals.

He knew he would have to leave soon. Already it was getting colder; he doubted even he could survive winter on Himling. But he lingered, supplementing his provisions with shellfish, and went on diving, bringing up fragments of a past life, as if he could piece himself together again if he had enough parts of the puzzle.
He had forgotten to keep watch. Digging for clams, he looked up and a movement on the horizon caught his eye. A black sail! He dropped his spade. Corsairs! He knew them from travels in the South, but what were they doing here?

His boat was well concealed. He succeeded in removing visible traces of his presence, but his retreat was cut off as the Corsairs’ ship approached. He hid in a crevice, pressed hard against the rock face—and in that moment of danger felt, as he had not before, that Himring knew him still and was aiding him as he tried to fade into stone.
The immediate intention of the Corsairs was soon clear. Their landing party carried casks and buckets and one thing still plentiful on Himling was fresh water.
But what was this? A body dumped on the sand?

A/N: Digging for clams is now typically North American and apparently not usually done with a spade, but as far as I can tell there is no real reason why Maglor could not be doing it and using a spade.
The answer to the final question may have to wait a bit--I may not have the chance to sit down and write a drabble next week-- but I intend to continue the sequence.

Tags: author: himring, challenge: coastal: bucket and spade, character: maglor
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