Elwen (elwenlj) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Sand-castles - (Prompt - bucket and spade)

Title - Sand-castles
Author - Elwenlj
Characters - Elrond

All the characters, events and settings originated with JRR Tolkien. I'm only paddling in the shallows.


From this distance Frodo and Bilbo could be taken for children, sitting on the golden sand with faces upturned to the sun. Elrond recalling when he and Elros had brought bucket and spade to such a beach, building sand-castles until called home to supper.

The periain seemed to gain as much enjoyment as Elrond and his brother ever had, from what was to them a strange new environment. Perhaps he should introduce them to the pastime of castle building.

Grinning, he kicked off his shoes and wiggled his toes. Perhaps he should also re-introduce himself to the pastime.


Tags: author: elwenlj, challenge: coastal: bucket and spade, character: elrond
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