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Signs of Autumn - Harvest: Two Harvests, by Himring

Title: Two Harvests
Author: Himring
Characters: Annael & his fosterling Tuor; Annael & Fingon (king of the Noldor in Hithlum)
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: All Tolkien’s—just filling in a gap or two.
A/N: two further drabbles in the series about Annael, the Grey Elf of Hithlum

Elvish Reminiscences

‘The harvest was good that year,’ said Annael. ‘King Fingolfin invited us to a feast at Eithel Sirion to share all the bounty. I remember your great-grandparents, Hador and Gildis, bringing apples by the sackful and barley—and how proud they were! They had not held Dor-lomin long and folk, as they do, fearing change, had openly doubted that Edain were fit to rule the country. Now they could prove Dor-lomin was flourishing…’

‘Oh, I wish I could see such a feast!’ said Tuor.

‘There’s little feasting in Hithlum now,’ replied Annael, sadly. ‘Maybe in Doriath, still--or in Gondolin…’

The Escape Route

‘Behold,’ said Fingon, pointing at the entrance to the hidden path, ‘the Gate of the Noldor, through which the Sindar, too, may pass at need!’

He lowered his voice.

‘I have not yet thanked you, Annael—you are here, supporting me. Others of your kin have fled south or retreated into the hills…’

‘Lord,’ said Annael, uncomfortably, ‘it is merely the just harvest of your labours; you have ever had an open ear to the needs of me and mine!’

‘My friend.’ Fingon touched Annael’s arm. ‘So rarely do we reap only what we have sown—for good or ill.’

A/N: The frame story of the first drabble is set after the second drabble, after King Fingon's defeat and death, but the story told refers to the times before, when Finfon's father Fingolfin still reigned.
Tags: author: himring, character: elves, character: fingon, character: men, character: other canon character, character: tuor
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