Mad Scientist (jerseyfabulous) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Mad Scientist

Picked up - Pen : Looking to the East

Title: Looking to the East
Author: Grundy
Characters/Pairing: Eärwen
Rating: G
Book/Source: Silmarillion/LotR
Disclaimer: All belongs to Tolkien.
A/N: *waves* Hello, all. I'm new here.

She picked up the pen.

There have been letters from Endorë, as often as young Arwen found messengers to carry them West. Eärwen has kept them all, a treasure above all others in the royal palace. She never expected a chance to reply.

Yet now she has one.

The Valar have not forgotten the eldar who remain on the Hither Shores. They are sending emissaries. Olórin, long a friend to the wives of Finwë’s sons, offered to bear a letter East.

Eärwen does not know how paper can contain all the love she wished to send, but she will try.

Mods, how does tagging work here? Are we supposed to tag our entries, or leave it to you?
Tags: author: grundy, challenge: picked up: pen, character: elves
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