epiphyta (epiphyta) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Picked Up - Pen: First Impression

Title: First Impression
Author: Epiphyta
Characters/Pairing: OFCs, OMCs, Elrond (mentioned)
Rating: G
Book/Source: LoTR
Disclaimer: Not mine, but Tolkien's
A/N: I appear to have committed a drabble. It's my first in years.

She picked up the pen. The letters to her husband and son were sanded and folded, the wax stamped with the seal Nendir had carved from a ivory fragment Beinion had found, so many centuries ago. Eleniel had begged her to deliver them herself, and wept when she replied Not yet.

"My Lord Elrond,

"It is my hope that the trunks reached you in the condition in which they left me. My apprentices are busy with the construction of the boxes for the next section of the histories, though I have reserved work for the more fragile books to myself. . . ."
Tags: author: epiphyta, challenge: picked up: pen, character: elves, character: ofc
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