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Picked up the Pen - Engineering and Diplomacy, by Himring

Title:  Engineering and Diplomacy
Author: Himring
Characters: Fingon (Findekano) of Hithlum and his cousin Curufin (Curufinwe, Curvo) of Himlad
Rating:  G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: Actually, an exchange of letters implied in one of my previous stories, but eventually all goes back to the Professor.


He picked up the pen and added another set of annotations to the plans. He would not be present to supervise and could not risk Melimo misinterpreting instructions.

To Findekano, greetings. Cousin, it has come to my attention that you are building a fortress upon a cliff in the Ered Wethrin and that you have chosen Melimo as chief engineer of the project-- who I am sure does well enough when he is building bridges for you. I am sending you a set of possible construction plans plus plans for necessary equipment.  Please make sure Melimo implements these correctly.


He picked up the pen and wrote, smiling:

Dear Curvo, I am much beholden to you for your assistance with our latest project and indebted to Russandol for bringing our problems to your attention.  Your plans have made the process of building so much safer and quicker and now we can effectively close off a possible route of attack. The pulleys, especially, are ingenious.  Melimo’s reports to me have been thoroughly enthusiastic. He begs humbly to offer a suggestion for a minor improvement on the design of the drawbridge. I enclose an annotated copy of the plans.
Yours gratefully, Fingon.

Russandol refers to Curufin's brother Maedhros, son of Feanor.
Based on a bit of dialogue between Fingon and Maedhros in "A Stiff Northern Breeze", in which Maedhros confesses that he prodded Curufin into offering his help by telling him the best engineers of Hithlum were working on the project.
Melimo is an OMC.

Tags: author: himring, challenge: picked up: pen, character: elves, character: fingon, character: other canon character
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