epiphyta (epiphyta) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Picked Up -- Book: Cradles

Title: Cradles
Author: Epiphyta
Characters/Pairing: OFCs
Rating: G
Book/Source: LoTR
Disclaimer: Not mine, but Tolkien's

She picked up the book, setting it on the base as tenderly as she once had settled her son.

Only moments later, Sérëdhiel lifted it out of the measuring device and handed it to Eleniel; a slate with notes in her neat hand followed. "This was --"

"Considerably easier!"

They turned to the third person in the room, and bowed. "Our thanks, Mistress Bardeth, for the gift of your craft."

Bardeth smiled, and resettled the braids of her beard. "The appreciation of peers is meat and drink to a crafter -- but an ale wouldn't go amiss, either!"
Tags: author: epiphyta, challenge: picked up: book, character: dwarves, character: elf, character: ofc
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