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Picked Up - Cloak: Grubby Hides

Title: Grubby Hides
Author: Epiphyta
Characters: OFCs; Elladan, Elrohir
Rating: G
Book/Source: LoTR
Disclaimer: Not mine, but Tolkien's

She picked up the cloak. "There is mud on the top of the hood!"

Elrohir beamed. "You asked us --"

"That was my first mistake --"

"-- to take her out into the fresh air for diversion --"

"-- which we succeeded in doing --"

"--as Eleniel is certainly not thinking about books now!"

Sérëdhiel glared at the ellyn contentedly lounging in their bathing pool. "This is why I do not ride out with you."

Elladan grinned at her. "Not because you earned such a splendid epessë on our last trip?"

She poured a pitcher of water over his head.
Tags: author: epiphyta, challenge: picked up: cloak, character: elladan, character: elrohir, character: elves, character: ofc
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