Elwen (elwenlj) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Subject- he picked up the cloak

Author- Elwen
Title- Picking up the threads
Char.- Frodo, Sam
Rating- Gen

Picking Up The Threads

He picked up the cloak, fingering its silky texture and watching threads shimmer faintly in the autumn sunlight. He rarely wore it here, attempting to look like other ordinary hobbits, but even two years later folk considered him “a mite touched”. If they only knew how touched.

Sam stuck his head around the door. “You ready, Mr Frodo?”

“Just coming.”

Frodo patted the star-glass in his pocket and swung the elven cloak about his shoulders. He would wear it openly on this last journey, no longer denying his darkest history as he set sail in hope of future light.


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