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decoration challenge: Bauble: Frosted: Golden - 'Darkness and Light' set of three

Title: Darkness and Light, a set of three drabbles
Author: Kortirion
Character: Glorfindel, Elves
Rating: G
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s metaverse - Kortirion’s doodle in the margin.

Looking up, the stars welcomed him back; they sang in his heart and mind, a brave music… if somewhat melancholy. He couldn’t help himself, but lean back his head and raise his arms towards the Star-Kindler’s greatest gift decorating the skies.

Those heinous rock-spawn called them the Elf-Bitch’s Baubles…

He shook his head to rid the snarl from his face “…not now, not here”, he muttered.

Now was not for remembering old pains… and as for here… just where was ‘here’?
He looked around – velvet night above, rocks and coarse grass ahead, both equally dark… and the sound of waterfalls.

He was sent back clothed; leather cuirass, cloaked and booted, with a small dagger at his side, but no bow or sword… and it was cold. The frosted grass broke with every footstep.

I would do well to find out my place quickly, he thought grimly, before others find me.

But he couldn’t believe Mandos would have such petty plans, to see him killed again straightaway… which meant…

“Hold!” a voice cut the night like steel. “How are you come here?”

Sindar. Glorfindel cleared his throat, he wasn’t sure whether it was cold or underuse that made his voice shake.

“I am… of the House of the Golden Flower,” he responded in the same tongue. “Though I do not know how long I’ve been gone from this world…”

What other explanation can I give?

Guards rose from between the rocks like wraiths, white cloaked amongst the frosted landscape, pale hoods hiding dark hair.

“Come Stranger. You’ll tell your tale to our Lord.”

“Who is…?”

“You trespass in Imladris and do not know? Lord Elrond will question you. Can we trust you without bindings?”

Glorfindel nodded, smiling as they trod the path towards the Homely House, illuminated by a golden dawn.
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