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Reasons to be cheerful challenge: Hope - 'Hope, Unlooked For' a set of three

Title: Hope, Unlooked For. A set of three drabbles.
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Glorfindel, Elrond,
Rating: G
Source: Third Age
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s world, his plot, his story – these merely offer a thought or two.

Under skies thunder-dark, the colour of beaten lead, they rode away from Fornost. Against the clouds even the firs were vivid green; blackly iridescent crows flew from the woods, glossy and well-fed… ‘Aye’, thought Glorfindel, ‘plenty of crow-bait… and many candles lit in Mandos’ halls tonight’.

His mood was more sombre than most, he knew that peace did not come easy to the fey there… that took time… long, long years…

He heard laughter, and turning, saw someone pointing… a double, no, triple rainbow, arching in perfect bows across their path.

“Hope comes” somebody murmured.

Glorfindel smiled sardonically, ‘yes… eventually…’

With Angmar defeated and the Witch-king fled, there was at last some hope and fragile peace in the north. Orcs still roamed the mountains, foul things hid in caves, ready to attack from their own malice. One such sortie grabbed a great prize – the wife of Elrond.

Celebrian was rescued by her sons and Glorfindel, but her torments had been hard; within the year she was gone, leaving Elrond bereft. Yet he had responsibilities to his people, to Imladris… he couldn’t fail them. It fell to Glorfindel not to fail him; slowly Elrond came to realize, hope was his ally.

Years past, Master Elrond took council with Mithrandir and Lady Galadriel, and frequently with Glorfindel. The Lord of the Golden Flower had become leader of hosts in Imladris, his past, if not forgotten, put aside for his new role as confidante, and friend. It was with Glorfindel, Elrond discussed the Heirs of Isildur, deciding to bring them to Rivendell when he could. “…therein lies the hope of Middle-earth”, though when and how he couldn’t foresee.

Not until Arathorn’s wife gave birth and came to live among them.

“She named him Aragorn”, Elrond said, “but we shall know him as Estel.”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: reasons to be cheerful: hope, character: elrond, character: glorfindel
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