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Terms of Address - My Lord, My Lady: Negotiating with the Healer, by Himring

Title: Negotiating with the Healer
Author: Himring
Characters: Maedhros, son of Feanor, Celvandil (OMC), Grey Elven healer (OFC)
Rating: PG
Warnings: hints of a darker background
Book/Source: Silm
Disclaimer:  Just  imagined goings-on in a small corner of Tolkien’s Beleriand.
‘My lord,’ asked Celvandil, ‘we have, by great luck, found the Grey Elves and their famed healer, but what shall we say? How shall we persuade the healer to come with us? After all, we are strangers and this is a patient she has never before met in her life! And must we not tell her what caused the condition we are asking her to cure?’

‘All difficult questions,’ said Maedhros. ‘We will have to appeal to her fellow feeling for another Grey Elf, even if our Huntress is not of the same tribe—and hope she does not refuse...’

‘Tell me more about this patient, stranger’, said a woman who had not spoken before, stepping forward.

The other Grey Elves made way for her. This, thought Maedhros, must be the healer herself. She had the silver hair that among the Sindar often went with a degree of power.  He bowed politely. How should he address her? He would have called her “My lady”, but some Grey Elves disliked that. He made a guess.

‘Honourable aunt,’ he began, as they did in Mithrim.

‘Aunt?’ said the healer and laughed.

‘What should I call you?’ asked Maedhros.

‘Oh, Auntie will do!’

A/N: Admittedly this drabble pair is based on a bit of outline in a WIP, but hopefully it's possible to follow nevertheless. Celvandil, Maedhros's stable master has figured in a previous drabble sequence.

Tags: author: himring, challenge: terms of address: my lady, challenge: terms of address: my lord, character: elves, character: maedhros, character: ocs
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