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Wimbledon Challenge, Serve - "To Protect And Serve", by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Title: To Protect and Serve
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: Wiseman, Alaska’s newest police officer  looks back, while he’s set to begin his first day. (Set in Fiondil’s “Elf, Academy” ‘verse), tagged to EA 3, Chapter 85, “Prince Legolas’ First Day”.
A/N: Finally, Elladan pulled up across the street from the station. “You’ll do fine,” he told Legolas. “Just don’t take over the station immediately. Give it ten minutes or so before you do.”
Legolas stared at his friend in disbelief and then, seeing the glint of humor and mischief in the peredhel’s eyes, he allowed himself to relax and chuckled. “I was planning on waiting a good half hour before taking over,” he quipped and Elladan barked out a laugh.
“Good luck,” he said as Legolas climbed out of the car and then he drove off, leaving the prince to face the Mortals alone.

Legolas Thranduilion, now Officer Liam Prince, took stock of himself as he stepped through the door – much later than he had risen for patrol in Eryn Lasgalen. Sleeping in was coming easier to him the more he dwelt alongside the Mortals of this latter Age. He wondered what his father would think of such sloth.

Chief Michaelson greeted him there, introducing him to his new partner, Officer Orlando Lopez. If Michaelson was as one of Thranduil’s generals, Legolas thought, shaking the Man’s hand, Lopez was akin to his former Captain, Curulas -  another strong warrior, prepared to protect and serve.
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