epiphyta (epiphyta) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Cut Challenge - Paper: End Leaf

Title: End Leaf
Author: Epiphyta
Characters: OFC
Rating: G
Book/source: LoTR

Not mine, but Tolkien's.

Back to the adventures of Seredhiel of Imladris, paper conservator for the Library

Fallen leaves curled under her hand.
The last of this packet of paper; the Haradi crafter who'd made it departed long since . . . .
"They are ready; will you come?"
Who could have envisioned the storerooms of Imladris so depleted?
Her hand jerked; the cut went wide.
The riders were in the courtyard, with the books for Annúminas, for Aglarond; a last few for Minas Anor. The Great Library scattered  . . . .
Another packet opened, this one gold and green, shining with new life. A more hopeful choice, for the books leaving these shores.

These are the papers in question.
Tags: author: epiphyta, challenge: cut: paper, character: ofc
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