epiphyta (epiphyta) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Cut Challenge - Food: Divided Into Sections

Title: Divided Into Sections
Author: Epiphyta
Book: LoTR
Rating: G

Not mine, but Tolkien's.

Before Nendir's death, Sérëdhiel had been accounted a reasonably good cook.
After, Erestor's wife had urged her to take rooms in the House itself, and for many yeni the only pots she stirred contained wheat starch, for the making of storage boxes and the mending of books.
Now, with so many of the kitchen staff having sought the Havens, it was good to take a turn at cutting vegetables and kneading bread, to use knives that were not her daily tools.
Perhaps in the Undying Lands she would have her family again, and time to feed and to be fed.
Tags: author: epiphyta, challenge: cut: food, character: ofc
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