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Body Parts challenge - Arms: The small rain down can rain, by Himring

Title: The small rain down can rain
Author: Himring
Characters: Fingon & baby Gil-galad (background Maedhros/Fingon)
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: Tolkien's, with a tweak from Christopher and another tweak by Himring.

The wind drives the rain into the room. Fingon closes the shutters and returns to his desk. On the desk: a stack of reports and the box containing Maedhros's letters. Beside Fingon's chair: Ereinion's cradle. Fingon sits down again. Before he begins to read, his foot gently sets the cradle rocking. During the third report, Ereinion gets restless. Fingon picks him up and carries him around the room in his arms, singing a soothing song about rain.


I recognize that song! Father sang it to me, says Ereinion. He realizes it is also a love song and begins to wonder...

A/N: Alludes to the lyrics of an old song, which is quoted in the title: Westron wynde, when wilt thou blow, / The small raine down can raine. / Cryst, if my love were in my armes / And I in my bedde again!'

Tags: author: himring, challenge: body parts; arm, character: fingon, character: other canon character
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