dwimordene_2011 wrote in tolkien_weekly

To cut a path/to cut yourself: “The Black Gate Is Closed”

Author: Dwimordene

Characters/Pairing: Frodo, Boromir

Rating: T

Warnings: AU

Book/Source: LOTR

Disclaimer: Not Tolkien, not making money, please don't sue. 

Summary: To the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie...

"The Black Gate Is Closed."

So Boromir says: “I have seen it – ‘tis impassable.”

“How to enter then?”

“There’s another way...”

Through battle between the two towers’ servants he cuts a path. An arrow pierces his arm, though, as they flee southeast.

“Let me!” Frodo exclaims, when Boromir cuts the shaft free himself.

Boromir, white-faced, winding bandages, says tersely: “Best I keep my hands occupied!”


That night, fever dreams lay him bare: I’ve repented! Leave me be! he pleads. Then, hard-voiced: For Gondor, Boromir...!  

“I’m well,” he insists come morning. “We must go.”

“Lead on,” Frodo says, but the Ring weighs on its chain…


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