dwimordene_2011 wrote in tolkien_weekly

To cut ties: Emyn Muil

Author: Dwimordene

Characters/Pairing: Frodo, Boromir

Rating: T

Warnings: AU

Book/Source: LOTR

Disclaimer: Not Tolkien, not making money, please don't sue. 

Summary: To the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie...(this is really part 2...)

They cross the river swiftly, and flee into Emyn Muil, where rock-walls and throttling fingers test them. Boromir proves equal to both.  

After that, they pause to rest… and to divest.

Frodo hasn’t much, but Boromir discards shield, silver collar, mail. “Useless weight,” he says. The horn of Gondor he holds a moment, then sounds it – once and clear.  

Then he sets it aside.  

“Why?” Frodo asks.

“A thief cuts all ties of inheritance.”

“You neither touched nor took,” says Frodo.  

“I tried,” comes brutal judgment. “Now, I am but a man – at need, you have a chance against me.”

Okay, sorry this was out of order. I was having some difficulties with this one!


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