dwimordene_2011 wrote in tolkien_weekly

To cut a path: The Stair of Cirith Ungol

Author: Dwimordene
Characters/Pairing: Frodo, Boromir
Rating: T
Warnings: AU
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: Not Tolkien, not making money, please don't sue.

Summary: To the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie...

The Stair of Cirith Ungol

From Ithilien’s green shade they come to a more fearful shadow – the Morgul tower, and the winding stair.  

“You never mentioned this in Rivendell,” Frodo pants, for heavy hangs the Ring.

Pain-pale, Boromir answers: “I never thought we should come so far!”  

The stair is steep. They grope on hands and knees sometimes, pulling themselves up this path cut through stone. Blood seeps through the bandages about Boromir’s arm.  

He may be all right, or he may not, Frodo thinks.

Mayhap Boromir senses his doubt.

“There’s no other way,” he insists before the cave.  

“I know,” Frodo says, and follows.

Author's Note: "He may be all right, or he may not..." — drawn from Sam's mental wrestling over what to think of Faramir in "The Window on the West," TTT: "He may be all right... and then he may not. Fair speech may hide a foul heart."


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