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New Challenge: Drabble Series - Isildurchil Dithen-verse, for "New", by Kaylee Arafinwiel

A true drabble series, set in my "Isildurchil Dithen" AU-verse. Ordered according to the prompts, but somewhat out of order themselves; "New Leaf" comes first, and "New Moon" comes second, immediately followed by "New Day"; "New Year" happens an indeterminate amount of time later, on the Gondorian New Year.

A/N: In the "Isildurchil Dithen" verse, in agreement with Susana's "Desperate Hours", these important variances from canon occur:
1. Finduilas has Faramir by Aragorn, unknown to the latter for some time (in DH, he finds out when he becomes king; in ID, it's Finduilas' deathbed confession. Finduilas dies at the same point as in canon.)
2. The War of the Ring happens about 17 years earlier than it does in canon, and Bilbo is the Ringbearer. This is pretty much an Everybody Lives AU (well, all the good important people, anyway, lol) so more of a Eucatastrophe, to borrow a phrase from Dreamflower and the Master, than a catastrophe. I haven't explored all the hows and whys of that yet.

A/N the Second: I'd like to take some time to thank Susana, Dreamflower and Linda Hoyland for their inspiration to my writing.

Title: Elessar's New Year (ID-verse, AU)
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: One year in the North, the good King Elessar spends his New Year adrift in thought.

“Praise the halfling! Praise him with great praise!”

 Year after year, when the twenty-fifth comes to pass, Bilbo Baggins, Ringbearer, will be remembered in story and song.

Here in the North, Elessar has descended from his throne in new-built Annúminas to walk amongst the villagers on this day, Strider the Ranger again. His people give the most glory to Bilbo Baggins, Ring-finder, Luck-wearer, Barrel-rider, Elf-friend and twice Ringbearer, as is right. But Aragorn wanders the Angle; surrounded by cloaked figures in grey-green, he remembers a springtime years ago where he, young Trotter danced with the small folk and was glad.

Title: In the Dark of the Moon (ID-verse, AU)
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: After the War of the Ring, and a rather chilling tale, the adolescent Prince of the North seeks his father's comfort.

“Adar? Am I disturbing you?”

Aragorn smiled warmly on his firstborn, beckoning him into the lodge. He was glad to go a-Rangering, but a hearth was welcome, especially on this night.

“Not at all, my Faran.”

“Auntie Darwisa was just telling the tale of Lord and Lady Moon, and – “

Ah. Aragorn nodded and joined Faran, still called Faramir in the South. “Come then, tyenya, and be calmed. Arien’s wolf shall not touch you tonight.” He stretched out by the central hearth fire, leaning against a pole, and Faran joined him, the firelight bright in the dark of the moon.

Title: Embraced by Hope
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: The terrors of war have passed. Hope dawns for the future.

The new moon night passes – the first since they have been North since the War was ended. Faran clings to his father, glad of the King’s arms around him.

Only weeks ago, he would have scorned such thoughts, wishing to prove himself a man. After the terrors of war, the shortness of his seventeen years is driven home. By Dúnedain measure he is still a child, and for now he is thankful.

A child, after all, cannot be imprisoned or beaten for desertion – even if running South may have won the War in the first place. A new day dawns.

Title: In the Land of the Moon
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: Faramir's cousin, his half-brother, and his father's dearest friend plan for the future of Ithilien.

“We will call it Ithilien-in-Edhil.” Legolas smiles at Faran, Faramir, his friend’s firstborn and heir. “What do you think, nethben?”   
Faran looks the dying land over, then looks at his companions. Prince Legolas, his father’s beloved friend, stands there; beside him, Boromir, Faran’s half-brother, and Eirien, Boromir’s betrothed. Two princes, elven and human, forging ahead to make Ithilien a new land. Ithilien will belong to Boromir’s people, and Legolas’, forever. “It will be beautiful, one day, I think.”

Eirien, Aragorn’s young cousin, smiles at Faran. “The Moon Land has been long abandoned, but it will turn over a new leaf.”

Tags: author: kaylee arafinwiel, challenge: new, character: aragorn, character: boromir, character: faramir, character: legolas, character: ocs
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