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New Challenge (New Life), Arrival in Two Rivers, by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Title: Arrival in Two Rivers
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Characters: Aragorn II, Gilraen, Ivorwen, Faramir, OCs
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: This belongs to my "Isildurchil Dithen" 'verse - indeed, it ought to be the end of the main story. If only I could get past my block on how to rescue little Faran from the Entwood...
A/N: Many years after my "New Clothes" drabble is set, Aragorn welcomes his hidden heir at last. (in my-verse, Targon is Arathorn's much-younger brother, 15 years Aragorn's senior. Orodben is a scion of a minor Dol Amroth noble family who married Aragorn's maternal cousin and custom-sister, Meril)

2988, Arnor, Two Rivers (Tâduin)

Years have passed, and Aragorn no longer wonders at the feel of the soft leather garments. Indeed, he wears them with pride today, surrounded by the women of his family, waiting. Will they come?

Gilraen and Ivorwen flank him, the latter leaning on her staff.

Dirhael is gone, and his sons are out a-Rangering, having left their wives and children safe in the village. Aragorn would have gone with them, if he hadn’t been needed here. Hoofbeats draw nearer.

Little Faramir rides forward, protected by Targon and Orodben.

“Faran!” Aragorn claims his child at last. Their new life has begun.
Tags: challenge: new: new life, character: aragorn, character: faramir, character: gilraen, character: ocs
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