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New Challenge (new clothes, new life): Outside Gondolin, by Himring

Title: Outside Gondolin
Author: Himring
Characters: Aredhel and her son Maeglin
Rating: PG
Warnings: some angst
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s account suggests that mother and son may have entered Gondolin without hesitation or fear, but Himring couldn’t resist a bit of foreboding and foreshadowing.

In the middle of a wilderness of rocks, Aredhel stopped. ‘I must change.’ She took off the dun kirtle she had taken from her chest when Maeglin first spoke of flight and stood revealed in white again. Maeglin watched, bewildered.
‘They might not know me, in such a novel manner of dress,’ she explained. He saw reluctant shame in her face. That was unanticipated.
His heart lurched, fearing she was ashamed of him, too.
She caught his wrist, strongly. ‘You are my son, my son’, she said. ‘But stay safe, stay behind me, until we are sure of our welcome.’

At last, they stood at the foot of the cliff.
‘Here,’ said Aredhel, indicating the mouth of the tunnel.
‘Here?’ echoed Maeglin, and although it was he who had urged the destination of their flight at the outset, suddenly he was in doubt, wishing that they could have ridden on together, fast and free in the sunlight, just the two of them, without stopping anywhere at all.
‘Is there no other way?’ he asked, hesitantly.
‘This is the way.’ She shivered, in her thin white dress. ‘A new life, for you! And I will be right beside you,’ she said.
Tags: author: himring, challenge: new: new clothes, character: aredhel, character: maeglin
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