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Vocalization Challenge - all six: "Divisi", by Himring

Title: Divisi
Author: Himring
Characters: Amras and his father Feanor
Rating: PG13
Warnings: see Disclaimer
Book/Source: Silmarillion, History of Middle-earth
Disclaimer: Not only is one version of this story by Tolkien, they both are: the version in which Feanor accidentally burns one of his sons at Losgar with the ships and the version in which he does not. I have gone with one, but played it off against the other.
A/N: I set out to write the remaining three prompts and ended up with all six. (3 x 100)

Amras stood on the shore, gazing back across the wide water they had crossed. Around him, he heard anxious muttering. Although they had succeeded in reaching Middle-earth, there was little sense of achievement. He should take responsibility, say something encouraging…
Instead, he thought of his mother. But it was too late for that. He should have thought of her before he swore the Oath, should have stopped to think. Now he was thinking of her when he should concentrate on what was going on under his nose. His father, he thought, could tell, had detected the flaw in his loyalties.

‘I wish I were back in Araman,’ a voice whispered behind him in the darkness.
‘In Araman?’ another answered. ‘I wish I were back in Tirion, dark or no.’
‘You can wish,’ a third replied.
And a fourth: ‘Have you forgotten why we are here?’
No, thought Amras, they must not fall apart now, in enemy territory!
He was about to speak, to remind them of his presence, at least, demonstrate some kind of leadership, when towards the south, where his brothers must be, he heard raised voices. His father called out. And, suddenly, in the dark there was fire.

When the flames had died down and the shouting, Amras stood before Feanor and looked into his eyes.
So maybe I wished I could take one of those ships, he thought, and sail them not back to Araman, but all the way to Alqualonde, ask for forgiveness, return to Tirion. I would not have done it. I am bound, to my word and to you.
But not all are bound. I have no doubt that when you cried Let the ships burn you knew where each of your sons was. But had you counted the rest?
His father looked away.

A/N: More multi-tasking: I am also planning to sneak this into B2MeM and Feanorian Week. The title is a B2MeM prompt: Musical term: Divisi: Divided (i.e. in a part in which several musicians normally play exactly the same notes they are instead to split the playing of the written simultaneous notes among themselves).
Tags: author: himring, challenge: vocalising: call, challenge: vocalising: cry, challenge: vocalising: mutter, challenge: vocalising: shout, challenge: vocalising: speak, challenge: vocalising; whisper, character: feanor, character: other canon character
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