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Shibboleths and Siblings, by Kaylee Arafinwiel (Troll)

Title: Siblings and Shibboleths (250 words)
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: Feanaro isn't thrilled with the changes - in his family, or with the Noldor as a whole. Of course it's all Indis' fault...
Characters/Pairing: Indis, Fëanor, Finwë, Findis
Rating: PG
Warnings: Teenage Fëanor is not thrilled with recent events.
Book/Source: Silmarillion

Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously.

As time went by, Indis did her best to be the wife Finwë wanted, the queen the Noldor desired. She wished to care for Fëanáro, though she knew better than to mother him, but he gave her scornful looks whenever she passed.  “Vanya witch” was the least of what he called her now, when he acknowledged her at all.

Frustrated, Finwë sent his heir to study under Master Rúmil. Fëanáro turned out to be an apt pupil; Rúmil had never had such a quick study and was pleased with the elfling. With his heir’s attention occupied elsewhere, the Noldòran set his mind to the reason he had petitioned the Valar, and Indis did not disappoint.

Their first child was a girl, who they named Findis. Soon after Findis’ Naming Day, the Noldotári was confronted by Fëanáro in a towering rage.  “You!” he seethed. “It is due to you my amillë is so disrespected!”

“Enough, Fëanáro Finwion,” Indis replied calmly – adolescent histrionics from the Crown Prince had become normal, though irritating.

“I am Fëanáro Þerindion,” he hissed. “And the Noldor will pronounce my amillë’s name correctly. Serindë,” he spat, “is an abomination, and I know it is your doing, daughter of trolls, ensnarer of hearts! You have not fooled me, and as for her… “

He pointed a finger at Findis. “Listen to me carefully, hina,” he growled at the baby. “You will never take my place. Ever.” His tone set Findis to wailing.

With a snarled oath, Fëanáro stalked away.
Tags: author: kaylee arafinwiel, character: feanor, character: indis
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