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www Challenge - message: King's Sister, by Himring

Title: King's Sister
Author: Himring
Characters: Ailinel, sister of King Tar-Aldarion of Numenor
Rating: PG13
Warnings:  family quarrels
Book/Source: Unfinished Tales
Disclaimer: Tolkien's character, even if little known, and it was Oshun who asked the questions I tried to answer here.
A/N:The history of the change to Numenorean laws of succession that later allowed Aragorn to stake a claim on the throne of Gondor through the female line as well as the male line is not without conflict.

The message arrived during breakfast, which she took alone in the arbour.

A brief scrawl in Adunaic: Sister, can you not control your son?

Clearly, Soronto had made himself unpopular last evening. No need to worry her husband. She drained her teacup and adjourned to her desk.

There she wrote in neat Tengwar: Anardilya, if you change the laws of succession to suit your private preferences, you must not be surprised if it gives people ideas. Be glad you only have my unruly son to deal with, not our cousin Malantur, who could justifiably resent being robbed of his rights!

A/N: A sequel to this is about to be posted to the tolkien100 community.
Tags: author: himring, challenge: www. : message, character: men, character: other canon character
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