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Tongues of Flame, by Kaylee Arafinwiel (www.challenge, Flame)

Title: Tongues of Flame (250 words)
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: Ercassë has something to share with her lady.
Characters/Pairing: Indis, Fëanor, OC

Rating: PG
Warnings: Palace gossip spreads like fire.
Book/Source: Silmarillion

Disclaimer: Still not mine.

“My queen?”

Indis stirred slightly, sitting up in bed. Ercassë had brought her Findis to nurse; the Noldotári began seeing to her daughter’s needs. This is what motherhood should be. She reflected anxiously on her husband’s firstborn as she so often did. Spirit of fire his mother had called him, and so he was.

“Thank you, Ercassë. What news from belowstairs?” she asked softly, as Findis suckled.

“Naught of import from belowstairs, my queen. But they still speak of his Highness as such…” Ercassë faltered.

“Go on, child,” Indis encouraged. “I would know more, so I can mend the rift ere it spreads far.”

“I fear it is too late,” Ercassë said mournfully. “His Highness has heard the servants’ gossip, spreading like a raging fire. Unnatural, they say. Abandoned, motherless child – unwanted and unloved.”

Indis’ eyes burned with unshed tears. “I have tried to love him, Ercassë, truly.”

“I know,” Ercassë whispered. “But Fëanáro, I deem, will never see that.” Her breath caught. “My queen,” she added hastily, with an embarrassed bob of her head.

Indis gestured dismissively. “Let it be. We are alone,” she murmured. She finished tending to Findis, rocking her child to sleep once more. “I would fain have one companion who will speak freely before me.”

Ercassë gave the Queen a shy smile and collected the baby princess once more.

“One last thing, Ercassë.”

“My queen,” Ercassë said automatically. Indis sighed.

“I want their names. It may be too late – but perhaps there is still hope.”
Tags: author: kaylee arafinwiel, character: feanor, character: indis
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