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Trouble Brewing, by Kaylee Arafinwiel (www. challenge, Cloud)

Title: Trouble Brewing (200 words, two true drabbles, parts 1 and 2)
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: Finwë and Indis’ family grows – as does the cloud of disquiet covering the family of the Noldòran.
Characters/Pairing: Indis, Findis, Fëanáro, Ñolofinwë (Aracáno) , Arafinwë, Lalwen (Irimë/Finwaina), Faniel
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer:  Anything you recognize as Tolkien’s is most assuredly not mine. Valandur Voronwion is an OC of Fiondil’s, used with permission

Findis Finwiel sighed. It would be twelve years before she was permitted to marry the ellon she so deeply loved, Lord Valandur Voronwion. She longed for more – to be a wife and mother, and she longed for escape from Tirion – from Fëanáro.

She rocked Ñolofinwë and Finwaina in their cradle, marveling. Twin children!
Not entirely unheard of – did her uncle Ingwë not have twin sons? But it merely made Fëanáro angrier, more inclined to ignore their family. He had elected to open his own school of Lambengolmor for pure Quenya, working on tengwar to rival Master Pengolodh’s. Well, let him.


Indis’ eyes flew up to meet those of her second daughter. “Lalwen, what ails you, child?” she asked. “What ails your brother and sister?”

“Fëanáro,” Lalwen replied softly, hoisting a whimpering Arafinwë in her arms as Faniel clung to her legs, crying.

“What has Fëanáro done?” Ice flooded Indis’ veins. Oh, how she wished Findis had not gone to Vanyamar!

“Aracáno, the little ones, and I stopped to see if Fëanáro wanted any sweets from the market. There was a fight.”

“Where?” Indis whispered. “Where are my sons?”

Lalwen noticed Indis’ slip; she refrained from commenting. “The healers’, with Mahtan.”
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