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The Smith and the Princes, by Kaylee Arafinwiel (www. Application)

Title: The Smith and the Princes (3 differing POVs, 3 true drabbles)
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Characters/Pairing: Mahtan, Fëanáro, Ñolofinwë, OC healer’s apprentice
Rating: PG for language (perhaps PG-13, for readers with stronger sensibilities - one use of the "D" word)

Summary: Mahtan tries to fight his way into the healers’ domain to see the princes. The Master Healer’s apprentice is unmoved because bureaucracy, and the princes are curious…
Warnings: Snobby healer’s apprentice, furious Mahtan. 300 words, 3 POVs 100 words each.

Book/Source: Silm
Disclaimer: not mine

Mahtan fumed at the stuffy apprentice to the Master Healer who guarded his precious Halls as though they were too fair to be sullied by his presence.

"Master Mahtan, I must ask you to leave. This is a place of cleanliness and healing, you and your kind--" He applied a supercilious stare.

"I will enter and see them, whether you like it or not!" Mahtan’s temper flared red as his unusual locks, and Minalcar backed away.

"You and your kind are not welcome," Healer Minalcar continued, despite his unease at the master smith's outburst. "The rules clearly state--"


"Damn the rules!"

Prince Fëanáro sat up suddenly, hearing shouting outside the window of his room. He recognised the furious tones of Master Mahtan. "Do you not know who I have brought to you?" the smith demanded.

"I recognise Prince Ñolofinwë," was the stuffy healer’s reply, and Fëanáro scowled. Minalcar! One of Indis’ half-Vanya abominations; he could not stand the apprentice. "But the other..."

Yes, the other. Him. He was ‘the other’ to that fool.

"My apprentice," Mahtan snapped. "Lead me to them. I will wash, but your master should have taught you to present hot towels to visitors, elfling."


In the room next to Fëanáro, Ñolofinwë lay still by the window. "Yes, sir. This way, please," he heard Minalcar say, and he considered Mahtan’s words. Fëanáro, the master smith’s apprentice? His half-brother was a scholar, through and through; he could not see Fëanáro standing over an anvil, beating out horseshoes! Why had Mahtan lied?

Well, Fëanáro had been at the smithy often. But that had naught to do with Mahtan, ‘twas all to do with his only daughter and heir, Nerdanel. Rosy-cheeked with nut-brown hair and shining eyes, she was beautiful and strong. She would make a fine princess.
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