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www Challenge - password: Pippin, Passing Through, by Himring

Title: Pippin, Passing Through
Author: Himring
Characters: Beregond, Bergil, Pippin
Rating: G
Warnings: mild angst
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: Almost entirely Tolkien.
A/N: Beregond, Bergil, Pippin and the passwords of the Gates of Minas Tirith: three different points of view.

I am to teach him the passwords, this stranger. All of them? He looks trustworthy, his demeanour open, but so young! Should he bear the burden of so much responsibility?

I thought he was a boy not much older than myself, but look, he knows the password! Here we are, passing outside the Gate together, as if I was with my father or uncle!

I may know the passwords to every gate, but I am far from home—an old city, in a war older still. I am older than they think, yet Elrond was right: I am too young.
Tags: author: himring, challenge: www. : password, character: beregond, character: bergil, character: pippin
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