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Baking Challenge - stir, add, beat: A Three-Course Meal, by Himring

Title: A Three-Course Meal
Author: Himring
Characters: Maeglin, Salgant, OFC
Rating: PG
Warnings: allusion to personal food issues (could be interpreted as a mild form of eating disorder)
Book/Source: Silmarillion, History of Middle-earth
Disclaimer: Maeglin and Salgant are Tolkien's characters. When newly made head of the House of the Mole, Maeglin perhaps can be assumed to have employed a cook. Whether he ever invited Salgant around for dinner is another question: where fan fiction begins.
A/N: Sequel to "Lemon Tarts of Gondolin" and "Small Sizes", which were posted to tolkien100. (3 x 100 in MS Word)

Maeglin finds his cook stirring a mysterious dark liquid in a huge pot. She hands over to her assistant in order to give her new master her attention.
‘I’m planning to invite Salgant for a private meal.’
‘Salgant?’ the cook responds. ‘That’s a lord who likes his food!’ Quickly, she starts scribbling on a scrap of paper.  ‘I’m thinking this, for the menu…’
Maeglin reads and frowns. ‘Pork sausages?’
The cook draws herself up. ‘What’s wrong with my pork sausages?’
She came highly recommended. He had hoped for better than this.
‘Nothing. But this—this is a menu for Rog!’

‘For Rog? Not for Salgant?’
Maeglin will eat anything, whatever keeps him going at the forge. Gondolin’s food is as strange to him as anything else in the city. If he can’t make himself clear, he may need to replace the cook. He tries...
‘The starter—that’s all right. You could add something, even, make it a little more filling, take the edge off. But the main course is too heavy. And the dessert, that should be really light.’
Good, she is listening.
He needs Salgant to be comfortable as his guest, not confronted with mountains of food, however delicious.

The dessert is a concoction beaten and whipped to a froth so light that almost it could float off the spoon and away through the window.
Maeglin has been watching Salgant closely during the meal, for signs of tension or enjoyment. His first success as a host!
‘My compliments to your cook!’
‘I asked her to prepare something specifically for you. I’m glad that worked.’
Salgant is surprised. Then he nods, smiles.
‘She is an artist.’
‘An artist? The cook?’
‘Like a painter. Many are good, but only in their own style. But true adepts can excel with any palette!’

A/N: Obviously, these elves aren't Vegan. In my take on Salgant's weight issues, he has a strong tendency to over-eat when stressed. This misleads people who don't know him well, like the cook, who believe he really enjoys stuffing himself. Rog seems a brawny, very hard-working character, so I assume he can really put it away.
Tags: author: himring, challenge: baking term; add, challenge: baking terms; beat, challenge: baking terms; stir, character: maeglin, character: other canon character
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