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The Way Through The Woods (100 words - Baking Terms, Measure)

Title: The Way through the Woods
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Characters/Pairing: Sam, Rosie, Elanor
Rating: G
Summary: The Hobbits continue on their way to Gondor, though first they mean to stop in Imladris.
Warnings: mention of trolls?
Book/Source: LOTR appendices
Disclaimer: Not mine.

After leaving Radagast, the party entered the Trollshaws, following the Road through the woods, and only stopped once. Three silent figures, too large to measure - both Rose and Elanor were frightened. Sam laughed.

“Them’s Mr. Bilbo’s old stone-trolls, my dears, that Gandalf tricked,” he chuckled. “They’re not goin’ to hurt no one no more. There’s the cave where Mr. Bilbo found Sting.” He smiled, remembering.

“The cave with the Elven swords, Sam-dad?”

“That’s the one.” Sam walked along lost in thought, Rose and Elanor behind him.


Sam halted suddenly at the command; two Elves dropped from the trees.
Tags: author: kaylee arafinwiel, challenge: baking terms; measure
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