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Welcome to Imladris, by Kaylee Arafinwiel (Sift)

Title: Welcome to Imladris
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Characters/Pairing: Sam, Rosie, Elanor, Elladan, Elrohir
Rating: G
Summary: The Hobbits make the acquaintance of the Peredhil.
A/N: Sorry it's late!!
Book/Source: LOTR Appendices
Disclaimer: Not mine.

“Why, if it isn’t Mr. Elladan and Mr. Elrohir!” Sam cried. “Begging your pardon, we wasn’t expectin’ you to be waitin’ in the trees an’ all – though I can’t say as why not. Listen to me yammer on – where’re my manners?”

“It is we who entreat your forgiveness, Lord Samwise,” said Elrohir. “Be thrice welcome to Imladris – and to you, Lady Rose, Lady Elanor. I am Elrohir Elrondion, and here is Elladan. Where can we show you first?”

Elladan smiled knowingly. “Shall we start with the kitchen?”

Rose and Elanor traded smiles. They had missed the feel of sifted flour!
Tags: author: kaylee arafinwiel, challenge: baking term; sift
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