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Baking Terms Challenges - Setting Out, or 'He said WHAT?'

I have finally tempted my muse with enough baked goods to squeeze out six drabbles!

Title: Setting Out, or 'He said WHAT?!'

Author: Curiouswombat

Characters: Legolas, Gimli, a couple of other elves...

Summary: - Having been told that there is at least half an unexplored continent set aside for the Sindar and Silvan Elves in The West, Legolas and a small group set out to explore and find their new homelands, after passing through Tirion.

Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Book/Source: LotR and The Silmarillion.

Note; In my long series of inter-related stories The Valar sent Legolas's 'Sister of the heart' and her brother-in-law, the reborn Haldir, on a quest - which showed them vast tracts of lands previously unknown to the elves of Valinor. These were the lands always destined for the Sindar and Silvan elves.


It had been some time since Legolas had spent a night on a flet. Around him he could hear the sounds of his companions talking quietly or settling to sleep.

Somewhere below Gimli slept, snoring.

Above, there was just enough breeze to stir the leaves so that they danced like moths in front of the great globe of the moon.

He breathed in deeply; relishing the scents of green things. He was so happy to be away from Tirion’s stone, and Tirion’s king, here amongst Wood Elves, even if they were not his own folk. The journey was really beginning.


Gimli woke to the sounds of an Elven forest village. He had slept well in the carved wooden bed in the thatched wooden cottage, and he thought that his younger self would be quite amazed that it had been a pleasure to be here and not in the stone-built city they had left.

But, really, it was past time to be away from Tirion, and that King. That Legolas had remained outwardly calm when the King made his half-baked suggestion, Gimli could only admire.

Did these particular Noldor care so very little about anything that had happened beyond their shores?


Legolas woke refreshed. His dream path had certainly taken him well way from Tirion, he thought, smiling.

The sun was rising and the sky was tinged with soft pinks and greys. It reminded him of something and he sifted through memories until he found it; Tindómë’s coming-of-age gown.

Then, it had seemed as if it would be the last such celebration outside Eryn Lasgalen. But his people had brought new life in all its forms to Ithilien and there had been a number in the years before they left. Fitting that the final one had been that of Tindómë’s daughter.


Tindómë herself had slept at ground level in case Gimli needed anything. Time enough to sleep amongst leaves later in the journey.

And what a journey it would be. To show Legolas the lands the Valar had promised the Sindar and Silvan folk; his folk, his father’s folk, Celeborn and Galadriel’s folk.

How could that thoughtless king have made such a suggestion?

Still, it gave Legolas the impetus to tell His Majesty, with a carefully measured civility she had admired, that they had enjoyed their stay but would be leaving, whether he was happy or not. And left they had.


Legolas let his thoughts remain with Tindómë’s daughter and last night’s dream for a few more heart beats, then rose to face the day.

They would ride for two days from this village of reborn Doriathrim, until they reached the mining town beyond which the Noldor had previously felt no need to go, from what Haldir and Tindómë told him.

It amused him that the Valar had chosen that, previously mismatched, pair to discover the new lands now promised to Sindar and Silvan peoples.

And if the Noldor king wanted any share, he had gone about it the wrong way!


“I have thought long and deep,” the Noldorin High King said, “and I know the ideal person to lead this expedition you propose.”

Tindómë had felt Legolas stiffen beside her.

“Ereinion has experience as a leader and speaks your language should any of the party not know Quenya. He is not currently in Tirion, but I will send for him.”

Legolas had almost leapt to his feet, but Gimli laid a hand on him and he had forced himself to maintain ‘a proper Elven dignity’.

“There is no need to send for Gil Galad, his addition will not be welcome.”

I know - I could just have gone with making a cake...
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