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White Challenges. Onwards and Upwards.

Continuing the journey of Legolas, Gimli, et al to explore the new lands the Valar have promised them. A Returnverse tale, but apart from the names of a few OCs it should be fine for anyone to read.

There are six drabbles, covering all six 'White' challenges. My mind began with white water rafting, but somehow it got lost!

Title; Onwards and Upwards
Challenge: White challenges, all six
Author: Curiouswombat
Characters:Legolas, Gimli, Haldir, Tindómë
Rating: PG;
Source: LotR/Silmarillion

As predicted a few more days travel brought them to the Noldorin mining town.

Here Gimli was afforded more recognition than he had ever had in Tirion and invited to spend a few days touring the mines. Clearly these followers of Lord Aulë knew of HIS pleasure in meeting the dwarf.

He examined veins of ore in shiny white stone, admired equipment, discussed yield, politely suggested improvements, and had his suggestions well received.

Throughout it all his elven apprentice, Tharhîwon, was always by his side.

“Best they know you, lad,” said Gimli, “For you may need to do business sometime.”

At last they continued their journey westwards leaving behind the stone towers and wrought iron balconies of the town that Tindómë had named “The last almost-homely town” and headed out into untamed land.

Whilst the elves most wanted to reach the forest lands they had been promised, seeing the journey more as a means to an end, Gimli looked forward to the starting to pick a path through the very mountains he had explored beneath.

He would have preferred to walk, for geology was best appreciated when your feet were on it, but at least he had his own pony.

When Cirdan saw an ellon lead three sturdy ponies, one in foal, towards the ship which already held many elves and a great deal of baggage, he almost turned him away.

But Elrond approached him from one side, Galadriel from the other, both smiling and gently shaking their heads.

“The hobbits will feel more at home if they have ponies,” said Elrond.

“And,” Galadriel added, “I feel we will see not only Bilbo and Frodo use them, but Sam and Gimli may also journey west in time.”

Cirdan bowed to the lady’s foresight, and nodded the ellon and ponies aboard.

Haldir usually rode at the front as he was one of the only two who had travelled that way before.

Quickly, or perhaps it should be slowly, he realised he had to adjust the pace to that of a pony carrying an elderly dwarf who paused regularly to point something out to Tharhîwon, and equally often to pass water.

At first this had annoyed Haldir but, watching Legolas, Tindómë, and others with Gimli he realised that, as elves, they had all the time in the world; as well to use as much of it as Gimli, who did not, required.

Now they were above the tree line, ‘more or less above the shrub line, too,’ thought Tindómë.

The weather was much as it had been a year ago when she had taken this route with Haldir, but with Rumil to share her bedroll the chill of the late spring nights was no problem.

She knew how often, yet, they would find passes opening onto a vista of more mountains and, instead of the frustration of the first trip, she found pleasure in how much Gimli appreciated each new view, each ridge and gully.

And she, herself, appreciated them more, too.

It was around noon. Haldir and Orophin, riding at the front, had called a halt so that everyone could come together to admire the view, and share their mid-day meal, here where Haldir declared was the watershed, the highest point, at least in this mountain range.

Gimli chipped some fragments from the rocks, others collected melt-water from hollows, but Tindómë simply stood and watched, high above, a bird float lazily in the thin air; she was certain that it was one of Manwë’s eagles, having now met one face to face.

She climbed to a better vantage point – and waved.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not belong to me, but are being used for amusement only, and all rights remain with the estate of JRR Tolkien.
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