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For the sharp(e) challenge...

Finally caved and de-lurked. Hope I haven't stuffed this up!

Title: Impressions
Author: Simbelmynë
Characters/Pairing: Boromir/Théodred
Rating: PG-13? (implied naughtiness)
Warnings: Slash
Book/Source: LOTR, pre-Fellowship
Disclaimer: Tolkien = genius. Simbelmynë = not so much.
Summary: Boromir meets his match.
AN: This could be considered an aside to the wonderful storyline that edoraslass is currently exploring. /pimp

At first glance the son of Théoden reminds Boromir of a young stallion, all long limbs and bold eyes, half-wild and skittish within the confines of the White City. Thus as soon as court etiquette allows the Steward's heir escapes with his guest out of doors. There Théodred soon proves to be Boromir's match both on the sparring field and in conversation, with a wit as quick and keen as his blade.

And later, spent and twined in the dark, they fit so well together that Boromir is far too content to mind the equally sharp elbow denting his side.

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