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Object Challenge - Knife: A Tribe of East Beleriand, by Himring

Title: A Tribe of East Beleriand
Author: Himring
Characters: OFC (Grey Elf), in conversation with one of the Noldor.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: references to canonical violence
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: According to Tolkien, the lands that later became the Marches of Maedhros were empty. Had there really been no Sindar living in the area? An explanation in the light of recent canonical events.

‘You have seen wolf riders, Auntie?’

‘Many, with long knives. But not lately. When the Morgoth sent his hordes south and King Thingol fought them between Gelion and Aros, they passed through the Gap, coming and going. We were few and overrun. We fled east into the mountains, with loss. My eldest nephew died.
The Naugrim helped us and sent aid to Thingol. But the battle was barely won, and Denethor died. Now the Naugrim have retreated inside Mount Dolmed and shut their gates.

But the orcs drew away westwards to fight you. So we returned to our hunting grounds.’

A/N: This is really a scene from a (hopefully) ongoing WIP, in which I am trying to discreetly fix some minor canon issues with bits of my story 'verse. The Noldorin elf speaking to the Sinda, Auntie, is Maedhros himself.
Tags: author: himring, challenge: object: knife, character: elves
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