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Schooling challenge - lesson: "In crafts of making he had less skill", by Himring

Title: In crafts of making he had less skill
Author: Himring
Characters: Turin, Sador Labadal, Beleg
Rating: PG
Warnings: no serious damage to anyone or anything (yet)
Book/Source: Unfinished Tales / Children of Hurin
Disclaimer: Mostly Tolkien, with a bit of colouring-in
A/N: A pair of related drabbles, one set in Turin's childhood home, one in Doriath

‘Can I try, too?’ asked Turin.

Sador smiled and handed him the knife.

‘But have a care now! Take a lesson from my injury and don’t cut yourself!’

The knife was sharp and carved the soft wood Sador had picked out for him more easily than Turin had hoped. Already he saw the shape emerging and, in his mind, was boasting of his newly acquired skill to his mother, but then…

‘I ruined it.’

He was ready to hurl the half-carved piece back into the woodpile.

‘Stop,’ said Sador and took it from him.

‘See? We can fix it, almost…’


‘I ruined it,’ said Turin, dropping the pieces. ‘I never learn.’

‘That was an unfortunate blow,’ agreed Beleg. ‘But you are learning. Give yourself time!’

‘I have less time than you!’

‘There is truth to that. I had a long time to learn. But it seems to me you make your short time shorter. You struck too heavily, too quickly. Now you want to give up entirely. Is that not losing time? Try again.’

Just for Beleg, he would try, one more time.

Beleg, watching closely, stopped his arm with his hand.

‘Too much force again! Can you feel it?’

A/N: Inspired by Alasse Mirimiel's b2mem contribution for the prompt "Impatience", based on the following quotation: "Often Beleg Strongbow came to Menegroth to seek him, and led him far afield, teaching him woodcraft and archery and (which he liked more) the handling of swords; but in crafts of making he had less skill, for he was slow to learn his own strength, and often marred what he made with some sudden stroke." Alasse's artwork is linked here.
Tags: author: himring, challenge: schooling: lesson, character: elf, character: men, character: other canon character
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