curiouswombat (curiouswombat) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Travel; On Horseback. Envy - Gimli

Title; Envy - Gimli.
Challenge: Travel- On Horseback.
Author: Curiouswombat
Characters: Gimli.
Rating: PG;
Source: LotR


Sometimes I envy the elf and, indeed, Aragorn and the folk of Rohan. They sit so easily on horseback and even seem to enjoy doing so. No bumping up and down, hanging on for dear life, for them; they ride as if nailed to the saddle.

That could be it, of course. Saddles are made for the long of leg, and rarely for two posteriors. Although my own short stirrups would probably help me feel secure…

But then we stop and I am straight to fire and food while they see to their mounts; aye, and then they envy me.
Tags: author: curiouswombat, challenge: travelling: on horseback
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