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A History of Violence Challenge

Title: Elostirion
Author: Aervir
Characters: n/a
Rating: G (I think)
Warnings: None
Book: LOTR (esp. Appendix A)
Disclaimer: Tolkien hoc fecit.
Author’s Note: Elostirion (fortress of the stars) was Tolkien’s name for Osgiliath in one of the drafts for LOTR (cf. HoMe, Volume 7).

Not even the starry fortress of Gondor could withstand the onslaught of strife and sickness, war and ruin.

Its lustre slowly diminished, as its people starved in its palaces, as brother slew brother in its streets, as one of the kingdom’s Seven Stars drowned in the red-foamed river. A city of twilight it became, to be darkened by the shadow of the plague and the Shadow in the East.

Phantoms, gliding through the desolation at dusk, watched with indifference under the stars: a lost bridge, a crumbling dome, a lonely citadel, where the light in the firmament flickered and died.
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