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Keeping Score (Grima and the Royal House of Rohan, PG-ish)

I have two drabbles, for three challenges, but they're so different it seemed they belonged in different entries.

Title: Keeping Score
Author: rubynye
Characters/Pairing: Grima Wormtongue and the Royal House of Rohan
Rating: PG
Warnings: violent and probably depressing. Death alluded to.
Book/Source: The Two Towers, backstory.
Disclaimer: Middle Earth is the Professor's, and the fullness thereof.
Author's Note: For the "History of Violence" Challenge. Not all violence is physical.

When Grima first sought Eowyn's hand, she blackened his eye, and Theodred and Eomer beat him top to toe for courting their kinswoman. So when his bones knit and his bruises faded Grima sought the wizard's help and struck a bargain.

Now, with a well-chosen word here and an insinuation there Grima has more deaths to his score than either swaggering prince of Rohan. He stands by the doddering king and watches Theodred set off on a fool's errand with too few, too-weary men; Theodred fumes in vain at his father's blankness and departs despairing, while Grima tallies and smiles.
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