mirkwoodmaiden1 (mirkwoodmaiden1) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Weekly Challenge (Sunshine - Valentine's edition)

This is my second drabble for Sunshine.  I had written my first one and then read Kaylee's wonderful drabble mentioning Valentine's Day and I got inspired to write a Valentine's one as well.  I hope nobody minds.  :-)

Title: Gazing at Sunlight

Author: Mirkwoodmaiden1

Characters/ Pairing: Faramir, Éowyn

Rating: K

Warnings: None

Book/ Source: LotR

Disclaimer: These characters belong to the Tolkien Estate

Faramir rose with the sunlight.  It was a habit of many years; years spent as a Ranger in service to Gondor.  Ever vigilant, living moment to moment because the past was too painful and the future unsure. He knew no other life. Until Éowyn. He looked to the bed from the banister, reddish blond hair bound in a loose plait, shift falling off her shoulder, the sunlight falling across her face. He traced his steps back and pulled the coverlet over them both.  Éowyn murmured, "What are you doing?" Faramir replied, "Gazing at sunlight," as he kissed her softly, "Beautiful."
Tags: author: mirkwoodmaiden1, challenge: weather; sunshine, character: eowyn, character: faramir
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