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Giver of Hope, by Kaylee Arafinwiel (Weather - Heatwave)

Title: Giver of Hope
Challenge: Weather – Heatwave
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Summary: Aragorn is sundered from one he loves.
A/N: I disclaim Gilraen's words by Tolkien, which mean "I gave hope to Men; I have kept no hope for myself."

T.A. 3007, Eriador, the Angle

The heat was blistering in the Angle that summer. As Arien’s cruel rays beat down on his brow, Aragorn found himself thinking of Harad. Perhaps, though, it was the pain in his heart that made this journey worse.

He entered the healer’s tent, where his mother lay in bed, unmoving. She seemed frail, aged beyond her hundred years – not such a long life, for a Dúnadaneth.

“Naneth,” Aragorn murmured. “Have hope that all shall be well.”

Ónen i-Estel Edain, ú-chebin estel anim,” Gilraen replied.

Tears stung Aragorn’s eyes. “Naneth, please…”

“Farewell, my Estel,” Gilraen whispered. “I love thee, ion nin.”
Tags: author: kaylee arafinwiel, challenge: weather; heatwave, character: aragorn, character: gilraen
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