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Weather Challenge;Showers. Dol Amroth childhood; new clothes.

I am playing catch-up - spurred on by picowrimo.

Title; Dol Amroth Childhood; new clothes.
Challenge: Weather; showers
Author: Curiouswombat
Characters: Imrahil's family
Rating: PG;
Source: LotR.

It seemed to have been raining for months. Of course there were gaps of hours when no rain fell but then the wind blew, and there was salt in the air, whilst the ground was muddy, or puddled, or both.

Her brothers didn’t seem to mind, and came in shaking themselves like exuberant dogs, but Lothíriel longed to go out in shoes not boots, and wear her new, more grown-up, dresses without running the risk of ruining them.

And just at the moment she would happily scream if her aunt said, just once more, that ‘Gwirith’s showers bring Lothron’s flowers’.


Gwirith and Lothron are the equivalent of April and May in the Númenórean Calendar.

Disclaimer: The characters in these stories do not belong to me, but are being used for amusement only, and all rights remain with the estate of JRR Tolkien.
Tags: author: curiouswombat, challenge: weather; shower
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